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2017 November



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In PEI Blog

By Ethan

Designing the Tesla Building

On 01, Nov 2017 | No Comments | In PEI Blog | By Ethan

MEC Building

The all-electric Mountain Equipment Co-op building in Vancouver, Canada provides a window into the future of all-electric buildings. (Photo: Ventana Construction Corporation)

In the midst of this dramatic shift from gas to electric-powered automobiles, we can envision the impending transition to fully electric-powered buildings.

Electric energy is, by its nature, more flexible and responsive than the chemical energy offered by conventional fossil fuels. As buildings become more connected and complex, this flexibility can be leveraged in increasingly beneficial ways to enhance the occupant experience – while simultaneously improving grid resiliency, boosting economic productivity, and reducing the negative environmental and human health effects of combusting fossil fuels. Reliance on fossil fuels cannot be eliminated overnight, but as the case of the electric vehicle highlights – a focus on holistic, innovative design strategies can also catalyze the all-electric transition for the built environment.

Ethan Heil’s GreenBiz blog explores the possibilities.

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