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By Larry

Can a Free Market Multi-Story Spec Office Building Be Energy Positive?

On 25, Mar 2015 | No Comments | In PEI Blog | By Larry

Central and Wolfe Campus

Why, yes, it can!

Join Alexis Karolides, our Sustainability Practice Leader and Principal Architect at the Living Future unConference and she’ll tell you how.

Point Energy and Landbank recently evaluated options for achieving “net zero” at a proposed 777,000 SF development, which would be the largest yet. Alexis Karolides, Principal, Point Energy and Scott Jacobs, CEO, Landbank Investments, LLC will present real challenges faced by “even the greenest” developers. They’ll present each option’s pros, cons, costs, “greenness,” and newness relative to current buildings. Participants will assess & select best options & discuss how to address market barriers, and how society, our laws, and the marketplace, can signal us to make the right choices.

 Friday April 3, 2015 2:30 PM, Seattle Sheraton (Cedar Room)

Alexis Karolides
Point Energy Innovations
Alexis KarolidesPrincipal Architect

Alexis is Principal Architect at Point Energy Innovations, providing smart building envelope and mechanical system design to get to net zero, cost-effectively. For the previous 15 years at Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) she led programs including the Superefficient Housing Initiative, focusing on healthy, affordable housing, and Green Development Services, working with real estate developers, and institutional & commercial clients to foster greener buildings, communities and industries. Ms. Karolides serves on the Board of Passive House Alliance US and previously served on the AIA Committee on the Environment and the National Academy of Sciences Roundtable on Environmental Health.

Scott Jacobs

Scott JacobsLandbank

Scott is the CEO of Landbank, a third generation, family-owned commercial real estate development company. Landbank has acquired, developed, leased, managed, and provided over four million square feet of office/R&D space to leading technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Scott’s current focus is developing user-centric environments that are thoughtful, sustainable, amenity rich, transit served, and future ready — extraordinary places that create opportunities for extraordinary experiences.

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