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Human Health & Comfort Human Health & Comfort

By Larry

On 01, Jan 2008 | In | By Larry

Human Health & Comfort

UC Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment has surveyed over 50,000 building occupants and found that 42% are not comfortable with their space.  The Building Owners and Managers Association, BOMA, consistently reports that the number one complaint in buildings is hot and cold calls.  In addition, there is a growing awareness that air quality in buildings is far from optimal.  Furniture, carpeting, paints, adhesives and office equipment all off-gas a wide range of chemicals including VOCs.  Many of these chemicals are known to pose health risks, some significant.

As designers of building systems, Point Energy Innovations designs to a new standard.  People deserve to be comfortable and to work in environments that are free of toxic pollutants, and that enhance and promote their health and well being.  We believe that through more thoughtful design, we can develop buildings that meet these criteria.  We design to a standard that eliminates discomfort, thermal monotony and health risks, and strive for environments that provide thermal delight and well being.