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In PEI Blog

By Larry

Peter Rumsey Teaches Clients How to Take Risks

On 02, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In PEI Blog | By Larry

Hanover Page Mill Development

Peter Rumsey, one of the first green building engineers to design net zero buildings in the US, has a long history of championing energy efficiency combined with technologies such as radiant  heating and cooling systems and chilled beams.  He has led many of the world’s notable firsts in green design, including the first net zero commercial office building, the first net zero laboratory and largest net zero museum.  He is now designing two of the world’s largest net zero office buildings.

An Education on How to Take Risks

With a mission to save unprecedented amounts of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Peter is known for inspiring building owners to stretch to higher goals than they thought possible. “Peter encouraged us to take on unreasonable design goals. He pushed us to adopt cutting edge technologies and strategies in our buildings and then stayed with the project until we delivered success,” explained Rohan Parikh, who worked as head of Infrastructure and green initiatives at Infosys, a very large software company in Hyderabad, India.

Read full article at PowerHouse Growers.

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